nylon [nahy-lon] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for nylon on Thesaurus.com noun

  1. any of a class of thermoplastic polyamides capable of extrusion when molten into fibers, sheets, etc., of extreme toughness, strength, and elasticity, synthesized by the interaction of a dicarboxylic acid with a diamine: used especially for yarn, fabrics, and bristles, as for brushes.
  2. nylons, stockings made of nylon, especially sheer, full-length ones for women.

Origin of nylon 1938; coined as a generic by the du Pont Chemical Co. as distinct from known words and having no prior meaning or use, but with the suffix -on suggesting other textile fibers such as rayon Related formshalf-ny·lon, adjective Related Words for nylons tights, hose, hosiery Examples from the Web for nylons Contemporary Examples of nylons

  • She said her husband used to dress up in her clothing (dresses, nylons, and bras) and wear his own makeup.

    Horrifying ‘Little Girl Sex Cult’

    Diane Dimond

    June 1, 2010

  • Historical Examples of nylons

  • He missed the bobbypins on the floor, the nylons drying across the shower rack, the toothpaste tubes squeezed from the top.

    At the Post

    Horace Leonard Gold

  • British Dictionary definitions for nylons nylons pl n

    1. stockings made of nylon or other man-made material

    NYLON noun

    1. informal a high-earning business executive who enjoys a transatlantic lifestyle, living part of the year in New York City and part in London

    Word Origin for NYLON C20: from N (ew) Y (ork) + Lon (don) nylon noun

    1. a class of synthetic polyamide materials made by copolymerizing dicarboxylic acids with diamines. They can be moulded into a variety of articles, such as combs and machine parts. Nylon monofilaments are used for bristles, etc, and nylon fibres can be spun into yarn
      1. yarn or cloth made of nylon, used for clothing, stockings, etc
      2. (as modifier)a nylon dress See also nylons

    Word Origin for nylon C20: originally a trademark Word Origin and History for nylons n.

    1940; see nylon.

    nylon n.

    1938, coined, according to DuPont, from random generic syllable nyl- + -on, common ending in fiber names (cf. rayon), said to be ultimately from cotton. Use (in plural) for “nylon stockings” is from 1940.

    nylons in Science nylon [nī′lŏn′]

    1. Any of various materials made of synthetic polyamides (a type of nitrogen-containing polymer). Nylon is very strong and elastic, and can be formed into fibers, sheets, or bristles. It is used to make fabrics, plastics, and molded products.
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