nympha [nim-fuh] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural nym·phae [nim-fee] /ˈnɪm fi/.

  1. Anatomy. one of the inner labia of the vulva.
  2. nymph(def 4).

Origin of nympha 1595–1605; Latin nympha (see nymph) Examples from the Web for nymphae Historical Examples of nymphae

  • It loves the roots of several species of nymphae, but its favourite is calamus root (calamus or acorus aromaticus).

    The Hunters’ Feast

    Mayne Reid

  • British Dictionary definitions for nymphae nympha noun plural -phae (-fiː)

    1. anatomy either one of the labia minoraAlso called: labium minus pudendi

    Word Origin for nympha C17: from Latin: bride, nymph nymphae in Medicine nympha [nĭm′fə] n. pl. nym•phae (-fē)

    1. Either of the labia minora.

    Related formsnym′phal adj.

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