1. Am·bro·sio [ahm-braw-syaw] /ɑmˈbrɔ syɔ/, Marqués de Osorno, 1720?–1801, Irish soldier and administrator in South America.
  2. his sonBer·nar·do [bernahrth aw] /bɛrˈnɑr ðɔ/, Liberator of Chile, 1778–1842, Chilean general and statesman.


  1. Ambrosio (æmˈbrəʊzɪˌəʊ). ?1720–1801, Irish soldier, who became viceroy of Chile (1789–96) and of Peru (1796–1801)
  2. his son, Bernardo (bɛrˈnarðo). 1778–1842, Chilean revolutionary. He was one of the leaders in the struggle for independence from Spain and was Chile’s first president (1817–23)

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