open diapason

open diapason


  1. See under diapason(def 4).

noun Music.

  1. a full, rich outpouring of melodious sound.
  2. the compass of a voice or instrument.
  3. a fixed standard of pitch.
  4. either of two principal timbres or stops of a pipe organ, one of full, majestic tone (open diapason) and the other of strong, flutelike tone (stopped diapason).
  5. any of several other organ stops.
  6. a tuning fork.

noun music

  1. either of two stops (open and stopped diapason) usually found throughout the compass of a pipe organ that give it its characteristic tone colour
  2. the compass of an instrument or voice
  3. (chiefly in French usage)
    1. a standard pitch used for tuning, esp the now largely obsolete one of A above middle C = 435 hertz, known as diapason normal (French (djapazɔ̃ nɔrmal)
    2. a tuning fork or pitch pipe
  4. (in classical Greece) an octave

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