1. a plural of organon.


  1. a plural of organum.

noun, plural or·ga·na [awr-guh-nuh] /ˈɔr gə nə/, or·ga·nons.

  1. an instrument of thought or knowledge.
  2. Philosophy. a system of rules or principles of demonstration or investigation.

noun, plural or·ga·na [awr-guh-nuh] /ˈɔr gə nə/, or·ga·nums.

  1. an organon.
  2. Music.
    1. the doubling, or simultaneous singing, of a melody at an interval of either a fourth, a fifth, or an octave.
    2. the second part in such singing.


  1. a plural of organon, organum

noun plural -na (-nə) or -nums

  1. a form of polyphonic music originating in the ninth century, consisting of a plainsong melody with parts added at the fourth and fifth
  2. a variant of organon

noun plural organa (ˈɔːɡənə), -nons, -na or -nums Epistemology

  1. a system of logical or scientific rules, esp that of Aristotle
  2. archaic a sense organ, regarded as an instrument for acquiring knowledge

n. pl. or•ga•nons

  1. An organ.
  2. A set of principles for use in scientific investigation.

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