1. a town in central Italy, SW of Rome: ruins from 4th century b.c.; site of ancient port of Rome.

noun, plural os·ti·a [os-tee-uh] /ˈɒs ti ə/.

  1. Anatomy, Zoology. a small opening or orifice, as at the end of the oviduct.
  2. Zoology. one of the tiny holes in the body of a sponge.


  1. an ancient town in W central Italy, originally at the mouth of the Tiber but now about 6 km (4 miles) inland: served as the port of ancient Rome; harbours built by Claudius and Trajan; ruins excavated since 1854

noun plural -tia (-tɪə) biology

  1. any of the pores in sponges through which water enters the body
  2. any of the openings in the heart of an arthropod through which blood enters
  3. any similar opening

n. pl. os•ti•a (-tē-ə)

  1. A small opening or orifice, as in a body organ.

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