verb (used with object), in·volved, in·volv·ing.

  1. to include as a necessary circumstance, condition, or consequence; imply; entail: This job involves long hours and hard work.
  2. to engage or employ.
  3. to affect, as something within the scope of operation.
  4. to include, contain, or comprehend within itself or its scope.
  5. to bring into an intricate or complicated form or condition.
  6. to bring into difficulties (usually followed by with): a plot to involve one nation in a war with another.
  7. to cause to be troublesomely associated or concerned, as in something embarrassing or unfavorable: Don’t involve me in your quarrel!
  8. to combine inextricably (usually followed by with).
  9. to implicate, as in guilt or crime, or in any matter or affair.
  10. to engage the interests or emotions or commitment of: to become involved in the disarmament movement; to become involved with another woman.
  11. to preoccupy or absorb fully (usually used passively or reflexively): You are much too involved with the problem to see it clearly.
  12. to envelop or enfold, as if with a wrapping.
  13. to swallow up, engulf, or overwhelm.
    1. Archaic.to roll, surround, or shroud, as in a wrapping.
    2. to roll up on itself; wind spirally; coil; wreathe.

verb (tr)

  1. to include or contain as a necessary partthe task involves hard work
  2. to have an effect on; spread tothe investigation involved many innocent people
  3. (often passive; usually foll by in or with) to concern or associate significantlymany people were involved in the crime
  4. (often passive) to make complicated; tanglethe situation was further involved by her disappearance
  5. rare, often poetic to wrap or surround
  6. maths obsolete to raise to a specified power

v.late 14c., “envelop, surround,” from Latin involvere “envelop, surround, overwhelm,” literally “roll into,” from in- “in” (see in- (2)) + volvere “to roll” (see volvox). Originally “envelop, surround,” sense of “take in, include” first recorded c.1600. Related: Involved; Involving. see get involved with.

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