1. the Indo-European, Iranian language of the Zoroastrian literature of the 3rd to the 10th centuries.
  2. the script used in writing this language, derived from the Aramaic alphabet.

noun, plural Pah·la·vis for 3.

  1. Muhammad Ri·za (or Re·za) [ri-zah] /rɪˈzɑ/, 1919–80, shah of Iran 1941–79; in exile after 1979 (son of Riza Shah Pahlavi).
  2. Riza (or Reza) Shah,1877–1944, shah of Iran 1925–41.
  3. (lowercase) a former gold coin of Iran, equal to 20 rials.


  1. Mohammed Reza (ˈriːzə). 1919–80, shah of Iran (1941–79); forced into exile (1979) during civil unrest following which an Islamic republic was established led by the Ayatollah Khomeini
  2. his father, Reza. 1877–1944, shah of Iran (1925–41). Originally an army officer, he gained power by a coup d’état (1921) and was chosen shah by the National Assembly. He reorganized the army and did much to modernize Iran


  1. the Middle Persian language, esp as used in classical Zoroastrian and Manichean literature

n.1773, Iranian language spoken in Persia 3c.-10c., from Persian Pahlavi, from Old Persian Parthava “Parthia” (see Parthian).

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