1. Albert Big·e·low [biguh-loh] /ˈbɪg əˌloʊ/, 1861–1937, U.S. author and editor.
  2. Robert Treat [treet] /trit/, 1731–1814, U.S. jurist and statesman.
  3. Thomas,1737–1809, U.S. patriot and writer on government and religion, born in England.


  1. Thomas. 1737–1809, American political pamphleteer, born in England. His works include the pamphlets Common Sense (1776) and Crisis (1776–83), supporting the American colonists’ fight for independence; The Rights of Man (1791–92), a justification of the French Revolution; and The Age of Reason (1794–96), a defence of deism

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