verb (used with object), pal·li·at·ed, pal·li·at·ing.

  1. to relieve or lessen without curing; mitigate; alleviate.
  2. to try to mitigate or conceal the gravity of (an offense) by excuses, apologies, etc.; extenuate.

verb (tr)

  1. to lessen the severity of (pain, disease, etc) without curing or removing; alleviate; mitigate
  2. to cause (an offence) to seem less serious by concealing evidence; extenuate

v.“alleviate without curing,” early 15c., from Medieval Latin palliatus, literally “cloaked,” from past participle of Late Latin palliare “cover with a cloak, conceal,” from Latin pallium “cloak” (see pall (n.)). Related: Palliated; palliating; palliation. v.

  1. To reduce the severity of; to relieve somewhat.
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