1. noting or pertaining to an organization operating as, in place of, or as a supplement to a regular military force: a paramilitary police unit.

noun, plural par·a·mil·i·tar·ies.

  1. Also par·a·mil·i·ta·rist [par-uhmil-i-ter-ist] /ˌpær əˈmɪl ɪ tər ɪst/. a person employed in such a force.


  1. denoting or relating to a group of personnel with military structure functioning either as a civil force or in support of military forces
  2. denoting or relating to a force with military structure conducting armed operations against a ruling or occupying power


    1. a paramilitary force
    2. a member of such a force

adj.1935, from para- (1) + military.

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