Symbol, Chemistry.

  1. palladium.

  1. paid.

  1. per diem.
  2. potential difference.

  1. per diem.
  2. Police Department.
  3. Insurance. property damage.

abbreviation for

  1. paid
  2. Also: PD per diem
  3. potential difference

the chemical symbol for

  1. palladium

abbreviation for (in the US)

  1. Police Department

  1. The symbol for the elementpalladium


  1. prism diopter

  1. The symbol for palladium.


  1. A malleable, ductile, grayish-white metallic element that occurs naturally with platinum. It is used as a catalyst in hydrogenation and in alloys for making electrical contacts and jewelry. Atomic number 46; atomic weight 106.4; melting point 1,552°C; boiling point 3,140°C; specific gravity 12.02 (20°C); valence 2, 3, 4. See Periodic Table.
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