verb (used with object)

  1. to attack or assail with repeated blows or with missiles.
  2. to throw (missiles).
  3. to drive by blows or missiles: The child pelted the cows home from the fields.
  4. to assail vigorously with words, questions, etc.
  5. to beat or rush against with repeated forceful blows: The wind and rain pelted the roofs and walls of the houses for four days.

verb (used without object)

  1. to strike blows; beat with force or violence.
  2. to throw missiles.
  3. to hurry.
  4. to beat or pound unrelentingly: The wind, rain, and snow pelted against the castle walls.
  5. to cast abuse.


  1. the act of pelting.
  2. a vigorous stroke; whack.
  3. a blow with something thrown.
  4. speed.
  5. an unrelenting or repeated beating, as of rain or wind.


  1. (tr) to throw (missiles) at (a person)
  2. (tr) to hurl (insults) at (a person)
  3. (intr; foll by along, over, etc) to move rapidly; hurry
  4. (intr often foll by down) to rain heavily


  1. a blow
  2. speed (esp in the phrase at full pelt)


  1. the skin of a fur-bearing animal, such as a mink, esp when it has been removed from the carcass
  2. the hide of an animal, stripped of hair and ready for tanning

v.“to strike” (with something), c.1500, of unknown origin; perhaps from early 13c. pelten “to strike,” variant of pilten “to thrust, strike,” from an unrecorded Old English *pyltan, from Medieval Latin *pultiare, from Latin pultare “to beat, knock, strike.” Or from Old French peloter “to strike with a ball,” from pelote “ball” (see pellet (n.)) [Klein]. Watkins says the source is Latin pellere “to push, drive, strike.” Related: Pelted; pelting. n.“skin of a fur-bearing animal,” early 15c., of uncertain origin, perhaps a contraction of pelet (late 13c. in Anglo-Latin), from Old French pelete “fine skin, membrane,” diminutive of pel “skin,” from Latin pellis “skin, hide” (see film (n.)). Or perhaps the source of the English word is Anglo-French pelterie, Old French peletrie “fur skins,” from Old French peletier “furrier,” from pel.

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