noun, plural pen·al·ties.

  1. a punishment imposed or incurred for a violation of law or rule.
  2. a loss, forfeiture, suffering, or the like, to which one subjects oneself by nonfulfillment of some obligation.
  3. something that is forfeited, as a sum of money.
  4. a disadvantage imposed upon one of the competitors or upon one side for infraction of the rules of a game, sport, etc.
  5. consequence or disadvantage attached to any action, condition, etc.

noun plural -ties

  1. a legal or official punishment, such as a term of imprisonment
  2. some other form of punishment, such as a fine or forfeit for not fulfilling a contract
  3. loss, suffering, or other unfortunate result of one’s own action, error, etc
  4. sport games a handicap awarded against a player or team for illegal play, such as a free shot at goal by the opposing team, loss of points, etc

n.mid-15c., from Middle French penalité and directly from Medieval Latin poenalitatem (nominative poenalitas), from Latin poenalis (see penal). The sporting sense is first recorded 1885. Ice hockey penalty box attested by 1931.

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