noun Chemistry, Pharmacology.

  1. a hydrocarbon of the methane series, existing in three liquid isomeric forms.
  2. Also called normal pentane. the most important isomer of pentane, a colorless, flammable, water-insoluble, very volatile liquid, C5H12, obtained from petroleum by distillation: used chiefly as a solvent and in medicine as an anesthetic.


  1. an alkane hydrocarbon having three isomers, esp the isomer with a straight chain of carbon atoms (n -pentane) which is a colourless flammable liquid used as a solvent. Formula: C 5 H 12

  1. A colorless, flammable hydrocarbon derived from petroleum and used as a solvent. Pentane occurs in three isomers and is the fifth member of the alkane series. Chemical formula: C5H12.
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