pentode [pen-tohd] ExamplesWord Origin noun Electronics.

  1. a vacuum tube having five electrodes, usually a plate, three grids, and a cathode, within the same envelope.

Origin of pentode 1915–20; pent- + -ode2 Examples from the Web for pentode Historical Examples of pentode

  • Remember how he went to all the trouble of building a pentode vacuum tube for a job that could have been done by transistors.

    Anything You Can Do

    Gordon Randall Garrett

  • British Dictionary definitions for pentode pentode noun

    1. an electronic valve having five electrodes: a cathode, anode, and three grids
    2. (modifier) (of a transistor) having three terminals at the base or gate

    Word Origin for pentode C20: from penta- + Greek hodos way pentode in Science pentode [pĕn′tōd′]

    1. Any electron tube with the basic structure and functionality of a triode, but including two extra electrodes, a screen and a suppressor grid. The screen helps the tube respond well at high frequencies (as in a tetrode), while a negatively charged suppressor grid adjacent to the plate prevents secondary emission of electrons from the plate, increasing the efficiency of the tube. See more at suppressor.
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