perborate [per-bawr-eyt, -bohr-] ExamplesWord Origin noun Chemistry.

  1. a salt of perboric acid, as sodium perborate, NaBO3⋅4H2O, used for bleaching, disinfecting, etc.

Also peroxyborate. Origin of perborate First recorded in 1880–85; per- + borate Examples from the Web for perborate Historical Examples of perborate

  • The perborate should be added when the powder is perfectly dry or it loses its bleaching properties.

    Soap-Making Manual

    E. G. Thomssen

  • British Dictionary definitions for perborate perborate noun

    1. any of certain salts derived, or apparently derived, from perboric acid. Perborates are used as bleaches in washing powdersSee sodium perborate
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