perceive [per-seev] SynonymsExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for perceive on verb (used with object), per·ceived, per·ceiv·ing.

  1. to become aware of, know, or identify by means of the senses: I perceived an object looming through the mist.
  2. to recognize, discern, envision, or understand: I perceive a note of sarcasm in your voice. This is a nice idea but I perceive difficulties in putting it into practice.

Origin of perceive 1250–1300; Middle English perceiven Anglo-French *perceivre, for perçoivre Latin percipere to lay hold of, grasp, equivalent to per- per- + -cipere, combining form of capere to takeRelated formsper·ceiv·ed·ly [per-see-vid-lee, -seevd-] /pərˈsi vɪd li, -ˈsivd-/, adverbper·ceiv·ed·ness, nounper·ceiv·er, nounper·ceiv·ing·ness, nounnon·per·ceiv·ing, adjectivere·per·ceive, verb (used with object), re·per·ceived, re·per·ceiv·ing.self-per·ceiv·ing, adjectiveun·per·ceived, adjectiveun·per·ceiv·ing, adjectivewell-per·ceived, adjectiveSynonyms for perceive See more synonyms for on 1. note, discover, observe, descry, distinguish. See notice. Related Words for perceive feel, recognize, regard, grasp, observe, identify, distinguish, realize, discern, appreciate, comprehend, see, read, know, spy, remark, look, seize, apprehend, mind Examples from the Web for perceive Contemporary Examples of perceive

  • People always have to perceive the problems before them, including many unexpected nuances, and decide how to handle them.

    Red Tape Is Strangling Good Samaritans

    Philip K. Howard

    December 27, 2014

  • On the other hand, patients may not perceive much downside to taking the medications, even if they may not help much.

    Without Education, Antibiotic Resistance Will Be Our Greatest Health Crisis

    Russell Saunders

    December 19, 2014

  • They still saw white policemen killing unarmed African Americans in what they perceive as cold blood and without repercussions.

    Sharpton Recalls Civil Rights Struggle in DC March Against Police Violence

    Ben Jacobs

    December 13, 2014

  • They want Americans to perceive Washington as broken, especially heading into 2016.

    Inside the Democrats’ Godawful Midterm Election Wipeout

    Michael Tomasky

    November 5, 2014

  • It becomes a hapless gesture of uninformed social media departments who perceive the potential of engagement without consequences.

    Jameis Winston’s Inevitable #epicfail

    Gideon Resnick

    August 11, 2014

  • Historical Examples of perceive

  • I cannot perceive that our own comprehension of it is at all essential to the matter.

    The Hall of Fantasy (From “Mosses From An Old Manse”)

    Nathaniel Hawthorne

  • And Buck was just sober enough to perceive that he was being held lightly.

    Way of the Lawless

    Max Brand

  • We perceive God through the soul as we feel air on the body.

    The Conquest of Fear

    Basil King

  • The more we perceive of power the more we are freed from fear.

    The Conquest of Fear

    Basil King

  • I perceive in your eyes, my indulgent spectators, the criticism which you are too kind to utter.

    Main Street

    Nathaniel Hawthorne

  • British Dictionary definitions for perceive perceive verb

    1. to become aware of (something) through the senses, esp the sight; recognize or observe
    2. (tr; may take a clause as object) to come to comprehend; grasp

    Derived Formsperceivable, adjectiveperceivability, nounperceivably, adverbperceiver, nounWord Origin for perceive C13: from Old French perçoivre, from Latin percipere seize entirely, from per- (thoroughly) + capere to grasp Word Origin and History for perceive v.

    c.1300, via Anglo-French parceif, Old North French *perceivre (Old French perçoivre) “perceive, notice, see; recognize, understand,” from Latin percipere “obtain, gather, seize entirely, take possession of,” also, figuratively, “to grasp with the mind, learn, comprehend,” literally “to take entirely,” from per “thoroughly” (see per) + capere “to grasp, take” (see capable).

    Replaced Old English ongietan. Both the Latin senses were in Old French, though the primary sense of Modern French percevoir is literal, “to receive, collect” (rents, taxes, etc.), while English uses the word almost always in the metaphorical sense. Related: Perceived; perceiving.

    perceive in Medicine perceive [pər-sēv′] v.

    1. To become aware of directly through any of the senses, especially sight or hearing.
    2. To achieve understanding of; apprehend.

    Related formsper•ceiv′a•ble adj.

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