perceptible [per-sep-tuh-buhl] SynonymsExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for perceptible on adjective

  1. capable of being perceived; recognizable; appreciable: a perceptible change in his behavior.

Origin of perceptible From the Late Latin word perceptibilis, dating back to 1545–55. See percept, -ible Related formsper·cep·ti·bil·i·ty, per·cep·ti·ble·ness, nounper·cep·ti·bly, adverbnon·per·cep·ti·bil·i·ty, nounnon·per·cep·ti·ble, adjectivenon·per·cep·ti·ble·ness, nounnon·per·cep·ti·bly, adverbun·per·cep·ti·ble, adjectiveun·per·cep·ti·ble·ness, nounun·per·cep·ti·bly, adverbCan be confusedperceptible perceptiveSynonyms for perceptible See more synonyms for on discernible, apparent. Related Words for perceptibility clarity Examples from the Web for perceptibility Historical Examples of perceptibility

  • But that thing of his dissembling was only subject to his perceptibility, not to his will determinate.

    Moby Dick; or The Whale

    Herman Melville

  • Perceptibility or conceivability are, then, the two forms which reality may assume.

    The Mind and the Brain

    Alfred Binet

  • If desired, the gradation of intensities here employed may be refined to the threshold of perceptibility, or beyond it.

    Harvard Psychological Studies, Volume 1


  • British Dictionary definitions for perceptibility perceptible adjective

    1. able to be perceived; noticeable or recognizable

    Derived Formsperceptibility, nounperceptibly, adverb Word Origin and History for perceptibility perceptible adj.

    early 15c., “perceptive,” from Late Latin perceptibilis “perceptible,” from Latin percept-, past participle stem of percipere (see perceive). Meaning “capable of being perceived” is from c.1600. Related: Perceptibly; perceptibility.

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