perceptive [per-sep-tiv] SynonymsExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for perceptive on adjective

  1. having or showing keenness of insight, understanding, or intuition: a perceptive analysis of the problems involved.
  2. having the power or faculty of perceiving.
  3. of, relating to, or showing perception.

Origin of perceptive 1650–60; Latin percept(us) (see percept) + -ive Related formsper·cep·tive·ly, adverbper·cep·tiv·i·ty, per·cep·tive·ness, nounnon·per·cep·tive, adjectivenon·per·cep·tive·ly, adverbnon·per·cep·tive·ness, nounnon·per·cep·tiv·i·ty, nounself-per·cep·tive, adjectivesem·i·per·cep·tive, adjectiveun·per·cep·tive, adjectiveun·per·cep·tive·ly, adverbCan be confusedperceptible perceptiveSynonyms for perceptive See more synonyms for on 1. discerning, sensitive, keen, astute. Related Words for perceptive knowing, penetrating, wise, intuitive, incisive, observant, knowledgeable, discerning, discreet, astute, insightful, acute, awake, aware, brainy, conscious, judicious, keen, perspicacious, quick Examples from the Web for perceptive Contemporary Examples of perceptive

  • And, as the enigmatic front man to an avant garde indie rock group, he is droll, perceptive, and splendidly weird.

    Oscars 2015: The Daily Beast’s Picks, From Scarlett Johansson to ‘Boyhood’

    Marlow Stern

    January 6, 2015

  • Yet his narrative is gripping, perceptive, and moving at times, even if his conclusions are highly debatable.

    How Gary Hart Became the First Political Sex Scandal Casualty

    Lloyd Grove

    October 1, 2014

  • Perceptive fiction has always been a venue for society to ruminate on the moral issues of the day.

    ‘Persecuted’ Is the Christian Right’s Paranoid Wet Dream

    Candida Moss

    July 22, 2014

  • Willa is a wonderfully smart and funny and perceptive and engaging little kid.

    My Daughter Is Bossy—But Don’t Call Her That

    Sally Kohn

    March 12, 2014

  • To the perceptive, Christmas helps us see those around us for the gifts they truly are.

    The True Gifts of Christmas Are Life, Love, and the Mystery of God

    Joshua DuBois

    December 25, 2013

  • Historical Examples of perceptive

  • But Joshua hoped the rest of the personnel were not so perceptive.

    The Big Tomorrow

    Paul Lohrman

  • They speak to the perceptive faculties only: truth to the conceptive.

    Modern Painters Volume I (of V)

    John Ruskin

  • We tried to be perceptive of the needs of individual couples.

    Marriage Enrichment Retreats

    David Mace

  • They educate, they exalt, they preserve; so that to profit by them we must be as perceptive as we can.

    The Tragic Muse

    Henry James

  • In what relation do the perceptive faculties stand to the expressive?

    What Is and What Might Be

    Edmond Holmes

  • British Dictionary definitions for perceptive perceptive adjective

    1. quick at perceiving; observant
    2. perceptual
    3. able to perceive

    Derived Formsperceptively, adverbperceptiveness or perceptivity, noun Word Origin and History for perceptive adj.

    1650s, from Latin percept-, past participle stem of percipere (see perceive) + -ive. In reference to intelligence from 1860. From mid-15c. as the name of a type of optical instrument. Related: Perceptively; perceptiveness.

    perceptive in Medicine perceptive [pər-sĕp′tĭv] adj.

    1. Of or relating to perception.
    2. Having the ability to perceive.
    3. Keenly discerning.

    Related formsper′cep•tiv′i•ty (pûr′sĕp-tĭv′ĭ-tē) n.

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