perchloric acid

perchloric acid

perchloric acid Word Origin noun Chemistry.

  1. a colorless, syrupy hygroscopic liquid, HClO4, an acid of chlorine containing one more oxygen atom than chloric acid: used chiefly as a reagent in analytical chemistry.

Origin of perchloric acid First recorded in 1810–20 British Dictionary definitions for perchloric acid perchloric acid noun

  1. a colourless syrupy oxyacid of chlorine containing a greater proportion of oxygen than chloric acid. It is a powerful oxidizing agent and is used as a laboratory reagent. Formula: HClO 4Systematic name: chloric(VII) acid

perchloric acid in Medicine perchloric acid [pər-klôr′ĭk] n.

  1. A clear colorless liquid that is the highest in oxygen content of the series of chlorine acids and is a powerful oxidant used as a catalyst.

perchloric acid in Science perchloric acid [pər-klôr′ĭk]

  1. A clear, colorless liquid that is very corrosive and, under some conditions, extremely explosive. It is a powerful oxidant and is used as a catalyst and in explosives. Chemical formula: HClO4.
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