perinde [per-in-dee] ExamplesWord Origin adverb

  1. (in prescriptions) in the same manner as before.

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  • This shows an excellent grasp of the meaning of the celebrated maxim “Perinde ac cadaver.”

    On Union with God

    Albertus Magnus

  • Atque, vt non putaret, hc nobis auctoribus gesta esse, perinde tamen poste in nos affectus fuit quasi credidisset.

    The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, Vol. II: Acadia, 1612-1614


  • A slave understands her duty, which is blindly to obey, bound hand and foot, perinde ac cadaver; does the part appeal to you?

    The Secret of Sarek

    Maurice Leblanc

  • Ita ipsi, perinde ut Almerico, anima non superest, nisi per suum esse ideale in Deo ut ibi ab terno fuit.

    Fundamental Philosophy, Vol. I (of 2)

    Jaime Luciano Balmes

  • Perinde ac cadaver—they were the last words of our great saint, Ignatius de Loyola.

    The Wandering Jew, Complete

    Eugene Sue

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