perinephrium [per-uh-nef-ree-uh m] Word Origin noun, plural per·i·neph·ri·a [per-uh-nef-ree-uh] /ˌpɛr əˈnɛf ri ə/. Anatomy.

  1. the capsule of connective tissue that envelops the kidney.

Origin of perinephrium From New Latin; see origin at peri-, nephr-, -ium Related formsper·i·neph·ral, per·i·neph·ri·al, per·i·neph·ric, adjective British Dictionary definitions for perinephric perinephrium noun plural -ria (-rɪə)

  1. anatomy the fatty and connective tissue surrounding the kidney

Derived Formsperinephric, adjectiveWord Origin for perinephrium C19: from peri- + -nephrium, from Greek nephros kidney perinephric in Medicine perinephrium [pĕr′ə-nĕf′rē-əm] n. pl. per•i•neph•ri•a (-rē-ə)

  1. The connective and fatty tissues surrounding a kidney.

Related formsper′i•neph′ral (-nĕf′rəl) null null adj.

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