periodic acid

periodic acid

periodic acid [pur-ahy-od-ik, pur-] Word Origin noun Chemistry.

  1. any of a series of acids derived from I2O7 by the addition of water molecules, as HIO4 or H5IO6.

Origin of periodic acid First recorded in 1830–40 British Dictionary definitions for periodic acid periodic acid noun

  1. any of various oxyacids of iodine containing a greater proportion of oxygen than iodic acid and differing from each other in water content, esp either of the crystalline compounds HIO 4 (metaperiodic acid) and H 5 IO 6 (paraperiodic acid)

Word Origin for periodic acid C19: from per- + iodic periodic acid in Medicine periodic acid [pûr′ī-ŏd′ĭk] n.

  1. A white, crystalline inorganic acid that contains iodine and is used as an oxidizer.

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