periodontal [per-ee-uh-don-tl] Word Origin adjective Dentistry.

  1. of or relating to the periodontium.
  2. of or relating to periodontics.
  3. of or relating to the periodontal membrane.

Also peridental. Origin of periodontal First recorded in 1850–55; peri- + -odont + -al1 British Dictionary definitions for periodontal periodontal adjective

  1. of, denoting, or affecting the gums and other tissues surrounding the teethperiodontal disease

Word Origin and History for periodontal adj.

1848, literally “around the tooth,” from peri- + Greek odon (genitive odontos) “tooth” (see tooth).

periodontal in Medicine periodontal [pĕr′ē-ə-dŏn′tl] adj.

  1. Surrounding or encasing a tooth.
  2. Relating to or affecting tissues and structures surrounding and supporting the teeth.

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