perissodactyl [puh-ris-oh-dak-til] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. having an uneven number of toes or digits on each foot.


  1. any mammal of the order Perissodactyla, comprising the odd-toed hoofed quadrupeds and including the tapirs, rhinoceroses, and horses.

Also pe·ris·so·dac·tyle [puh-ris-oh-dak-til, -tahyl] /pəˌrɪs oʊˈdæk tɪl, -taɪl/. Compare artiodactyl. Origin of perissodactyl 1840–50; New Latin perissodactylus Greek perissó(s) uneven, literally, beyond the norm, strange (derivative of périx (preposition and adv.) round about, akin to perí; see peri-) + -daktylos -dactylous Related formspe·ris·so·dac·ty·lous, adjective Examples from the Web for perissodactyl Historical Examples of perissodactyl

  • In the year 1898 the family had to buy a new set of harness for the Perissodactyl.

    Roads of Destiny

    O. Henry

  • The fifth digit, for the same reasons as in the perissodactyl foot, first left the ground and became smaller.

    Darwin, and After Darwin (Vol. 1 and 3, of 3)

    George John Romanes

  • The great group is now usually divided into those that are odd-toed (Perissodactyl) and those that are even-toed (Artiodactyl).

    The Chain of Life in Geological Time

    Sir J. William Dawson

  • These animals, which are grouped with the horse among the odd-toed (perissodactyl) mammals, are now verging toward extinction.

    The Elements of Geology

    William Harmon Norton

  • Or, to put it more definitely: hoofed animals are divided into two groups, even-toed (artiodactyl) and odd-toed (perissodactyl).


    Joseph Le Conte

  • British Dictionary definitions for perissodactyl perissodactyl perissodactyle (pəˌrɪsəʊˈdæktaɪl) noun

    1. any placental mammal of the order Perissodactyla, having hooves with an odd number of toes: includes horses, tapirs, and rhinoceroses


    1. of, relating to, or belonging to the Perissodactyla

    Derived Formsperissodactylous, adjectiveWord Origin for perissodactyl C19: from New Latin perissodactylus, from Greek perissos uneven + daktulos digit perissodactyl in Science perissodactyl [pə-rĭs′ō-dăk′təl]

    1. Any of various hoofed mammals of the order Perissodactyla, having one or three hoofed toes on each hindfoot. During the Tertiary Period, perissodactyls were the dominant herbivorous fauna. Horses, tapirs, and rhinoceroses are perissodactyls. Also called odd-toed ungulate

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