perky [pur-kee] ExamplesWord Origin adjective, perk·i·er, perk·i·est.

  1. jaunty; cheerful; brisk; pert.

Origin of perky First recorded in 1850–55; perk1 + -y1 Related formsperk·i·ly, adverbperk·i·ness, noun Examples from the Web for perkiness Contemporary Examples of perkiness

  • But why, Tricia Romano asks, must there always be so much pink and perkiness?

    OMG! Women’s Sites Need to Grow Up

    Tricia Romano

    June 8, 2011

  • Historical Examples of perkiness

  • He had a faint fear that the old man might be chaffing him, but the innocence of Erchie’s face restored his perkiness.


    (AKA Hugh Foulis) Neil Munro

  • British Dictionary definitions for perkiness perky adjective perkier or perkiest

    1. jaunty; lively
    2. confident; spirited

    Derived Formsperkily, adverbperkiness, noun Word Origin and History for perkiness perky adj.

    1820, from perk (v.) + -y (2). Of young women’s breasts since at least 1937. Related: Perkily; perkiness.

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