Denpasar police chief Ruddi Setiawan, center left, holds a two-year-old orangutan next to accused Russian Andrei Zhestkov, center right, in Bali on Monday.

Person allegedly tried using to smuggle baby orangutan in suitcase

Andrei Zhestkov was arrested on Friday at Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport. Community media reported the orangutan, two geckos and four chameleons ended up allegedly observed inside a smaller rattan basket in one particular of his suitcases.
A two-year-old male orangutan is kept in a cage during a press conference in Bali, Indonesia Monday.

At a push meeting in Denpasar on Monday, law enforcement main Sr. Comr. Ruddi Setiawan said Zhestko was on his way to Russia.

“The suspect mentioned that the baby orangutan was taken from Java to Bali,” Ruddi explained to the push conference. “We are however investigating the place he acquired the toddler orangutan.”
Indonesian officials sit in a room with the rattan basket allegedly used to smuggle a drugged orangutan out of the island.
Orangutans are critically endangered, with Indonesia’s inhabitants halving from 148,000 in 1999 to as number of as 70,000 in 2015, a 2018 report mentioned.

The animals only exist on two islands — Sumatra and Borneo — with habitat loss and unlawful logging contributing to most deaths in the wild.

Borneo's orangutan population slashed by more than half in 16 years

Talking to the Jakarta Publish on Saturday, Dewa Delanata, head of the airport’s quarantine business, reported Zhestkov was accused of “intentionally making use of an inhumane process” to allegedly smuggle the two-year-old orangutan.

“At first, we imagined it was a monkey. The officers have been afraid to open up the basket as they imagined the monkey would be aggressive and operate unfastened in the departure region,” Dewa said.

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