practiced or prac·tised [prak-tist] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. skilled or expert; proficient through practice or experience: a practiced hand at politics.
  2. acquired or perfected through practice: a practiced English accent.

Origin of practiced First recorded in 1560–70; practice + -ed2 Related formsnon·prac·ticed, adjectivewell-prac·ticed, adjective Examples from the Web for well-practiced Contemporary Examples of well-practiced

  • How the Queen feels about this remains one of the many secrets that she conceals behind her well-practiced inscrutability.

    Queen Victoria’s Secret Scottish Sex Castle

    Clive Irving

    August 17, 2014

  • Historical Examples of well-practiced

  • And with his well-practiced eyes he endeavored to pierce the gloom of the river.

    Michael Strogoff

    Jules Verne

  • In a routine so well-practiced that it had become ritual, he checked over the cruiser point by point.

    Eight Keys to Eden

    Mark Irvin Clifton

  • The well-practiced Republican apologists exhausted their ingenuity in endeavoring to explain away the reverse.

    Border and Bastille

    George A. Lawrence

  • Word Origin and History for well-practiced practiced adj.

    “expert,” 1560s, past participle adjective from practice (v.).

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