President threatens to block security officials listening to his calls as new book reveals obsession with how badgers ‘work’

Donald Trump: Tom Brenner/Reuters

Donald Trump has compared his suffering during the impeachment process to the “dark days” of Richard Nixon’​s tenure in the White House in the 1970s and threatened to end the practice of having security officials listen in on his calls with foreign leaders.

​A new book on Mr Trump -​ Sinking in the Swamp by two Daily Beast reporters – offers the bizarre detail that the president nurtures an obsession with badgers, regularly plaguing his first chief of staff Reince Preibus with questions about the animals and their characteristics.

Mr Trump has meanwhile been hit by an unexpected rebuke from his attorney general over the Roger Stone case, with William Barr saying he will not be “bullied” and that the president’s tweeting about an active case makes it difficult for him to do his job – a move that ex-Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele warns was “carefully staged” to appease disgruntled Justice Department prosecutors.

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