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Psychological thriller "Joker" leads with eleven Oscar nominations | Movies | KG

The race is open. At the 92nd Oscar Night on February 9th, the films in particular can hope for an award that was the focus of the Golden Globes a few days ago. "Joker" won 11 nominations for the Oscar nominations, "The Irishman" got ten, the same number comes "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood". The war film "1917", which the Golden Globes recently received the important trophy in the category "Best Drama" is a little in the shade, but was also nominated in important categories.

The nominations often don't say much about the actual Oscars

The history of this film award has proven enough that the number of nominations alone no longer plays a role in the actual Oscar night. So often nominated films were in the Oscars punished, others, on the other hand, with fewer nominations, were allowed to draw on the full.

Martin Scorsese (picture-alliance / dpa / EPA / G. Horcajuelo)

Martin's Scorsese's "Netflix" production "The Irishman" was nominated ten times

At the Golden Globes, around 90 journalists from abroad accredited in the USA made their decision, at the Oscars there were around 9,000 elected members of the Oscar Academy. This includes representatives from all professional branches of the industry. So it is primarily the creatives themselves who decide: directors and authors, producers and actors.

Nine films compete for the Oscar for "Best Film"

When looking at the king's discipline "Best Film" one meets many old acquaintances: The gangster drama "The Irishman" is there, the controversial "Joker", Tarantino's Hollywood ode "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", the war drama "1917". The Netflix production "Marriage Story", the Nazi grotesque "Jojo Rabbit", the racing driver film "Le Mans 66" and the 19th-century woman drama "Litte Woman" also received a nomination. There is also a film from the non-English-speaking world, the multi-award-winning "Parasite" by South Korean Bong Joon-ho.

USA 77th Golden Globes | Parasite (Reuters / NBC Universal / P. Drinkwater)

Has sneaked into the English-language Oscar world with "Parasite": Bong Joon-Ho

Best film: four favorites, five outsiders

Only the first four of these films should work out opportunities in the most important Oscar category. Everything else would be a sensation. The fact that "Parasite" was once again nominated for "Best Film", which was not shot in English at all, cannot really be explained. The Oscars are film awards for the English-language film world. Hollywood films in particular have always been awarded prizes, British films and sometimes Australian films have also won.

But the Oscars are considered the most powerful film awards in the world. That means that many millions are implemented here. And so the Oscar company sees itself as a money machine in the film industry. So in the globalized world, it is important for the Academy to set an example: look, we have the whole world of film in view! We also nominate a South Korean film in the main Oscar category. But when you take a closer look, it is a gross distortion of world film.

The "rest" of the film world are fighting for a single Oscar

For the "rest of the world" the category "best non-English-language film" remains explicit. Five films were nominated there in 2020, "Parasite" can also be found there, which is actually a contradiction. Incidentally, "Parasite" has to assert itself against competition from Spain ("Suffering and Glory"), Poland ("Corpus Christi"), North Macedonia ("Honeyland") and France ("The Angry"). Another contradiction in the opaque scale of the price categories is that a documentary film appears in this category with "Honeyland", although there is also the "Best Documentary Film" section. "Honeyland" then reappears among the nominated documentaries.

Oscar Statuette (picture-alliance / dpa / Tannen Maury)

They are waiting for February 9th for someone to pick them up: the Oscar trophies

Unsurprisingly, stars such as Renée Zellweger (who received the Globe for her Judy Garland role), Scarlett Johansson and Charlize Theron appear among the actresses. For the men, of course, "Joker" Joaquin Phoenix, Leonardo DiCaprio and the Spaniard Antonio Banderas. There will be trouble again in the coming days – due to the lack of consideration of women in many Oscar categories (no woman in the "Best Director" category!).

Do the Oscar guidelines need to be revised?

Perhaps it would actually be time for the Oscar Academy to rethink the criteria. In the recent past, this had happened many times. Colored filmmakers were awarded, the "black cinema" was the focus. And a tightening of the language criteria would also be desirable. In view of the discussion about how to behave in the future regarding the films of the streaming providers, a revision of the criteria would be necessary.

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