quango [kwang-goh] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for quango on Thesaurus.com noun, plural quan·gos.

  1. (especially in Great Britain) a semi-public advisory and administrative body supported by the government and having most of its members appointed by the government.

Origin of quango 1975–80; qu(asi)-a(utonomous) n(on-)g(overnmental) o(rganization) or qu(asi)-a(utonomous) n(ational) g(overnmental) o(rganization) Related Words for quango panel, council, quango Examples from the Web for quango Historical Examples of quango

  • From the table-land of Cassanga you may survey nearly the whole of the valley watered by the Quango.

    The Desert World

    Arthur Mangin

  • We were soon on the banks of the Quango, and after some difficulties reached the opposite bank.

    The World’s Greatest Books, Volume 19


  • On the 28th of February they reached the banks of the Quango, where they were again received by Cypriano.

    Great African Travellers

    W.H.G. Kingston

  • We were now on the banks of the Quango, a river one hundred and fifty yards wide, and very deep.

    Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa

    David Livingstone

  • As soon as we could move toward the Quango we did so, meeting in our course several trading-parties, both native and Portuguese.

    Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa

    David Livingstone

  • British Dictionary definitions for quango quango noun plural -gos

    1. a semipublic government-financed administrative body whose members are appointed by the government

    Word Origin for quango C20: qu (asi-) a (utonomous) n (on) g (overnmental) o (rganization) Word Origin and History for quango n.

    1973, acronym for quasi-non-governmental organization (a descriptive phrase itself attested from 1967). Related: Quangocracy; quangocrat.

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