quantity [kwon-ti-tee] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for quantity on Thesaurus.com noun, plural quan·ti·ties.

  1. a particular or indefinite amount of anything: a small quantity of milk; the ocean’s vast quantity of fish.
  2. an exact or specified amount or measure: Mix the ingredients in the quantities called for.
  3. a considerable or great amount: to extract ore in quantity.
  4. Mathematics.
    1. the property of magnitude involving comparability with other magnitudes.
    2. something having magnitude, or size, extent, amount, or the like.
    3. magnitude, size, volume, area, or length.
  5. Music. the length or duration of a note.
  6. Logic. the character of a proposition as singular, universal, particular, or mixed, according to the presence or absence of certain kinds of quantifiers.
  7. that amount, degree, etc., in terms of which another is greater or lesser.
  8. Prosody, Phonetics. the relative duration or length of a sound or a syllable, with respect to the time spent in pronouncing it; length.
  9. Law. the nature of an estate as affected by its duration in time.

Origin of quantity 1250–1300; Middle English quantite Old French Latin quantitās, equivalent to quant(us) how much + -itās -ity Related Words for quantity load, abundance, capacity, variety, bulk, sum, batch, quota, volume, portion, pile, length, size, profusion, body, lot, extent, figure, greatness, budget Examples from the Web for quantity Contemporary Examples of quantity

  • First, we need to change the debate—to focus at least as much on the quality of resources as the quantity.

    Can the U.S. Government Go Moneyball?

    Peter Orszag, Jim Nussle

    December 23, 2014

  • It’s just typical political graft … It was a lot more about quantity than quality.

    Did Christie Go Easy on a Human Trafficker Just to Bust a Small-Time Pol?

    Olivia Nuzzi

    March 17, 2014

  • There are people who put a lot on the quantity of things and the recipe.

    Inside Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet’s Sexy ‘Labor Day’ Pie Scene

    Kevin Fallon

    February 1, 2014

  • In terms of quantity and severity, there are signs we are on the cusp of the most violent Super Bowl yet.

    Super Bowl XLVIII Is Set to Be the Most Violent One Yet

    Evin Demirel

    January 30, 2014

  • Quantity: Since we have established timing, quantity per meal really depends on the quantity of carbs eaten per day.

    Carbs 101: The Truth About Carbohydrates


    January 17, 2014

  • Historical Examples of quantity

  • The quantity of sugar produced was small compared to that produced on other estates.

    The Grand Old Man

    Richard B. Cook

  • (b) What food substance do they supply in quantity to the diet?

    Woman’s Institute Library of Cookery, Vol. 2

    Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences

  • They are very sour and do not contain sugar in any quantity.

    Woman’s Institute Library of Cookery, Vol. 5

    Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences

  • Renmark arose leisurely and picked up a quantity of the books.

    In the Midst of Alarms

    Robert Barr

  • I don’t care for you—to marry you—a bit, but I like you, oh, a quantity!

    Quaint Courtships


  • British Dictionary definitions for quantity quantity noun plural -ties

      1. a specified or definite amount, weight, number, etc
      2. (as modifier)a quantity estimate
    1. the aspect or property of anything that can be measured, weighed, counted, etc
    2. a large or considerable amount
    3. maths an entity having a magnitude that may be denoted by a numerical expression
    4. physics a specified magnitude or amount; the product of a number and a unit
    5. logic the characteristic of a proposition dependent on whether it is a universal or particular statement, considering all or only part of a class
    6. prosody the relative duration of a syllable or the vowel in it

    Word Origin for quantity C14: from Old French quantité, from Latin quantitās extent, amount, from quantus how muchusage The use of a plural noun after quantity of as in a large quantity of bananas was formerly considered incorrect, but is now acceptable Word Origin and History for quantity n.

    early 14c., from Old French quantite, cantite (12c., Modern French quantité) and directly from Latin quantitatem (nominative quantitas) “relative greatness or extent,” coined as a loan-translation of Greek posotes (from posos “how great? how much?”) from Latin quantus “of what size? how much? how great? what amount?,” correlative pronomial adjective, related to qui “who” (see who).

    Latin quantitatem also is the source of Italian quantita, Spanish cantidad, Danish and Swedish kvantitet, German quantitat.

    quantity in Science quantity [kwŏn′tĭ-tē]

    1. Something, such as a number or symbol that represents a number, on which a mathematical operation is performed.

    Idioms and Phrases with quantity quantity

    see unknown quantity.

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