quiff 1[kwif] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural quiff, quiffs. Slang.

  1. a woman, especially one who is promiscuous.

Origin of quiff 1First recorded in 1920–25; origin uncertain quiff 2[kwif] noun British.

  1. a lock or curl of hair brought forward over the forehead.

Origin of quiff 2First recorded in 1885–90; origin uncertain Examples from the Web for quiff Historical Examples of quiff

  • Well, our colonel says the “quiff” is “unsoldierly” and “disfiguring,” and we ‘ave got to bloomin’ well lop it orf, no hank.

    Mr. Punch on the Warpath


  • British Dictionary definitions for quiff quiff noun

    1. British a prominent tuft of hair, esp one brushed up above the forehead

    Word Origin for quiff C19: of unknown origin Word Origin and History for quiff n.

    “curl or lock of hair over the forehead,” 1890, originally a style among soldiers, of unknown origin. Perhaps connected with quiff “a puff or whiff of tobacco smoke” (1831, originally Southern U.S.), held to be a variant of whiff (n.).

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