Quimper [kan-per] Examples noun

  1. a port in and the capital of Finistère, in NW France: noted for pottery manufacture.

Finistère [fin-uh-stair; French fee-nee-ster] noun

  1. a department in W France. 2714 sq. mi. (7030 sq. km). Capital: Quimper.

Examples from the Web for quimper Historical Examples of quimper

  • The soldiers were landed at Sarzeau, and then transferred immediately to Quimper.

    Ten Years Later

    Alexandre Dumas, Pere

  • The nuns had ever been good and generous and helpful to the people of Quimper.


    Mortimer Menpes and Dorothy Menpes

  • The only objector ever met with by the writer was a Gascon who kept a pharmacy at Quimper.

    Rambles in Brittany

    Francis Miltoun

  • Bishop Rainaud laid the first stone of Quimper Cathedral in 1239.

    How France Built Her Cathedrals

    Elizabeth Boyle O’Reilly

  • “Ces messieurs are going to Quimper,” she exclaimed that last morning.

    The Argosy


  • British Dictionary definitions for quimper Quimper noun

    1. a city in NW France: capital of Finistère department. Pop: 63 238 (1999)

    Finistère noun

    1. a department of NW France, at the tip of the Breton peninsula. Capital: Quimper. Pop: 863 798 (2003 est). Area: 7029 sq km (2741 sq miles)

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