quincentenary [kwin-sen-ten-uh-ree, kwin-sen-tn-er-ee; especially British kwin-sen-tee-nuh-ree] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural quin·cen·ten·ar·ies.

  1. a 500th anniversary or its celebration.


  1. pertaining to or marking a period of 500 years; quincentennial.

Origin of quincentenary quin(que-) + centenary Examples from the Web for quincentenary Contemporary Examples of quincentenary

  • Well, she has just accepted the role of Patron of the Queen Katherine Parr Quincentenary Festival.

    Camilla – Will She Ever Be Queen?

    April 6, 2012

  • Historical Examples of quincentenary

  • The whole world celebrated the quincentenary of his martyr death.

    The Religious Spirit of the Slavs (1916)

    Nikolai Velimirovic

  • British Dictionary definitions for quincentenary quincentenary noun plural -naries

    1. a 500th anniversary or the year or celebration marking it

    Derived Formsquincentennial (ˌkwɪnsɛnˈtɛnɪəl), adjective, nounWord Origin for quincentenary C19: irregularly from Latin quinque five + centenary

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