quinque- ExamplesWord Origin

  1. a combining form meaning “five,” used in the formation of compound words: quinquevalent.

Origin of quinque- Latin, combining form of quīnque; see five Examples from the Web for quinque Historical Examples of quinque

  • Causa est quod est pauperior quam ut possit eam summam pecunie (quinque marcas) solvere.

    The Grey Friars in Oxford

    Andrew G. Little

  • This collection was entitled “Cantiones, qu ab argumento sacr vocantar, quinque et sex partum.”

    A Short History of English Music

    Ernest Ford

  • Noster captas detinetur in Bundamosa quinque millibus a Metis.

    History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century, Volume III

    J. H. Merle D’Aubign

  • Discursus Cantiones; qu ab argumento sacr vocantur, quinque et sex partivm.

    Shakspere & Typography

    William Blades

  • Quinque enim Viros habuisti, & nunc quem habes non est Vir tuus.

    Six Discourses on the Miracles of our Saviour

    Thomas Woolston

  • British Dictionary definitions for quinque quinque- combining form

    1. fivequinquevalent

    Word Origin for quinque- from Latin quinque Word Origin and History for quinque quinque-

    before vowels quinqu-, word-forming element meaning “five, having five,” from Latin quinque “five,” by assimilation from PIE *penkwe (see five).

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