quire 2[kwahyuh r] Examples noun, verb (used with or without object), quired, quir·ing.

  1. Archaic. choir.

Examples from the Web for quired Historical Examples of quired

  • Books may be quired in printing, that is, several sheets may be put together, like the sheets in a quire of paper.

    Smithsonian Report on the Construction of Catalogues of Libraries and their Publication by Means of Separate, Stereotyped Titles

    Charles C. Jewett

  • When the sheets of a pamphlet are folded and set into each other in one section, they are quired.

    Notes on Bookbinding for Libraries

    John Cotton Dana

  • British Dictionary definitions for quired quire 1 noun

    1. a set of 24 or 25 sheets of paper; a twentieth of a ream
      1. four sheets of paper folded once to form a section of 16 pages
      2. a section or gathering
    2. a set of all the sheets in a book

    Word Origin for quire C15 quayer, from Old French quaier, from Latin quaternī four at a time, from quater four times quire 2 noun

    1. an obsolete spelling of choir

    Word Origin and History for quired quire n.1

    c.1200, “set of four folded pages for a book; pamphlet consisting of a single quire,” from Anglo-French quier, Old French quaier “sheet of paper folded in four,” from Vulgar Latin *quaternus, from Latin quaterni “four each,” from quater “four times.” Meaning “standard unit for selling paper” first recorded late 14c. In quires (late 15c.) means “unbound.”

    quire n.2

    early form and later variant spelling of choir (q.v.).

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