Quirinal [kwir-uh-nl] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. one of the seven hills on which ancient Rome was built.
  2. the Italian civil authority and government (distinguished from the Vatican).


  1. noting or pertaining to the Quirinal.
  2. of or relating to Quirinus.

Origin of Quirinal From the Latin word Quirīnālis, dating back to 1850–55. See Quirinus, -al1 Examples from the Web for quirinal Historical Examples of quirinal

  • The shrine on the Quirinal is minutely described by classical writers.

    Pagan and Christian Rome

    Rodolfo Lanciani

  • The coffin was removed to the Quirinal and turned into a water-trough.

    Pagan and Christian Rome

    Rodolfo Lanciani

  • These two hills were named the Esquiline and Quirinal hills.

    Romulus, Makers of History

    Jacob Abbott

  • The Quirinal palace cannot be said to have played a part in the history of Rome.

    Ave Roma Immortalis, Vol. 1

    Francis Marion Crawford

  • Please understand at once that my son must go to the Quirinal, he said.

    The Story of My Life, volumes 4-6

    Augustus J. C. Hare

  • British Dictionary definitions for quirinal Quirinal noun

    1. one of the seven hills on which ancient Rome was built

    Word Origin and History for quirinal Quirinal

    royal palace in Rome, 1838, from Mons Quirinalis in Rome (one of the seven hills, site of a former Papal palace), from Quirinus, said to be the divine name of Romulus, but really one of the original trinity of Roman gods, representing Mars. His feast (Quirinalia) was Feb. 17. Used metonymically for “the Italian civil government” (1917), especially as distinguished from the Vatican.

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