Quirinus [kwi-rahy-nuh s, -ree-] Examples noun

  1. an ancient Roman god of war, identified with the deified Romulus; a personification of the Roman nation.

Examples from the Web for quirinus Historical Examples of quirinus

  • Mars and Quirinus have their dancers, as we mentioned above.

    History of Religion

    Allan Menzies

  • These manufactories are between the temples of Flora and Quirinus.

    Ten Books on Architecture


  • The house of the Fabii had a yearly sacrifice on the Hill of Quirinus.

    Stories From Livy

    Alfred Church

  • Since the above was written, the article “Quirinus” by Wissowa in the Myth.

    The Religious Experience of the Roman People

    W. Warde Fowler

  • Quirinus was struck down by sudden death in the midst of his persecutions.

    The Story of Chartres

    Cecil Headlam

  • British Dictionary definitions for quirinus Quirinus noun

    1. Roman myth a god of war, who came to be identified with the deified Romulus

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