quirt [kwurt] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a riding whip consisting of a short, stout stock and a lash of braided leather.

verb (used with object)

  1. to strike with a quirt.

Origin of quirt 1835–45, Americanism; perhaps Spanish cuerda cord Examples from the Web for quirt Historical Examples of quirt

  • He headed him into the open, laid the quirt to him, and galloped toward the hills.

    The Duke Of Chimney Butte

    G. W. Ogden

  • Before he could reply, she rose in her stirrups and pointed ahead with her quirt.

    Out of the Depths

    Robert Ames Bennet

  • She stood in her saddle habit, with her quirt still in hand.

    Whispering Smith

    Frank H. Spearman

  • They passed close—so close I could have reached out an’ touched ’em with my quirt.

    Prairie Flowers

    James B. Hendryx

  • Wadley’s quirt burned the flank of the cow-pony and it leaped for the road.

    Oh, You Tex!

    William Macleod Raine

  • British Dictionary definitions for quirt quirt noun

    1. a whip with a leather thong at one end

    verb (tr)

    1. to strike with a quirt

    Word Origin for quirt C19: from Spanish cuerda cord Word Origin and History for quirt n.

    “short-handled braided leather riding whip,” 1845, from Mexican Spanish cuarta “rope,” related to Spanish cuerda “rope,” from Latin corda (see cord (n.)).

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