quitrent [kwit-rent] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. rent paid by a freeholder or copyholder in lieu of services that might otherwise have been required.

Origin of quitrent late Middle English word dating back to 1425–75; see origin at quit1, rent1 Examples from the Web for quit-rent Historical Examples of quit-rent

  • And you can settle with Akm afterward; you can reduce his quit-rent, I suppose.

    The Diary of a Superfluous Man and Other Stories

    Ivn Turgnieff

  • He held it on freehold title, with no reservation of quit-rent to the Government.

    The African Colony

    John Buchan

  • The quit-rent was handed down from the feudal system of medieval times.

    The Stronghold

    Miriam Haynie

  • Here–there is a dollar for you; the quit-rent is paid for this year, at least.


    James Fenimore Cooper

  • A hundred acres were promised for forty shillings, with a quit-rent of one shilling annually to the proprietor forever.

    William Penn

    George Hodges

  • British Dictionary definitions for quit-rent quitrent noun

    1. (formerly) a rent payable by a freeholder or copyholder to his lord that released him from liability to perform services

    Word Origin and History for quit-rent n.

    early 15c., “rent paid by a tenant in exchange for being discharged from required service;” also, “nominal rent as acknowledgment of tenure,” from quit (adj.) + rent (n.).

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