quixotism [kwik-suh-tiz-uh m] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. (sometimes initial capital letter) quixotic character or practice.
  2. a quixotic idea or act.

Origin of quixotism 1660–70; (Don) Quixote + -ism Examples from the Web for quixotism Historical Examples of quixotism

  • What foolish infatuation had ever suggested to me the Quixotism of these wanderings?

    A Day’s Ride

    Charles James Lever

  • Quixotism, or Utopianism; that is another of the devil’s pet words.

    Lectures on Architecture and Painting

    John Ruskin

  • My good fellow, leave your quixotism behind you with your poverty.

    The Sorrows of Satan

    Marie Corelli

  • It is romance, it is quixotism—ah, heart of God, what quixotism!

    The Money Master, Complete

    Gilbert Parker

  • It was a madness—a Quixotism—the wild, unconsidered act of a fool.

    Under Two Flags

    Ouida [Louise de la Ramee]

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