quoit [kwoit, koit] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. quoits, (used with a singular verb) a game in which rings of rope or flattened metal are thrown at an upright peg, the object being to encircle it or come as close to it as possible.
  2. a ring used in the game of quoits.

verb (used with object)

  1. to throw as or like a quoit.

verb (used without object)

  1. to play quoits.

Origin of quoit 1350–1400; Middle English coyte Related formsquoit·er, nounquoit·like, adjective Related Words for quoits plate, platter, disc, shell, dish, circle, sabot, discus, quoit, flan, saucer, discoid Examples from the Web for quoits Historical Examples of quoits

  • When in Richmond the one sport in which he delighted was the pitching of quoits.

    The Life of John Marshall Volume 4 of 4

    Albert J. Beveridge

  • Games at cricket and quoits, as well as polo-matches and races, were arranged.

    The Disputed V.C.

    Frederick P. Gibbon

  • He was guardian of the Ridge, and cricket, quoits, and races appealed to him in vain.

    The Disputed V.C.

    Frederick P. Gibbon

  • Well, this was all I could do, for I am not skilful in throwing hats or quoits.

    Spinning Tops

    John Perry

  • Quoits is a game not played as much as it should be by American boys.

    What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games and Pastimes

    Dorothy Canfield Fisher

  • British Dictionary definitions for quoitsquoits pl n

    1. (usually functioning as singular) a game in which quoits are tossed at a stake in the ground in attempts to encircle it

    quoit noun

    1. a ring of iron, plastic, rope, etc, used in the game of quoits
    2. Australian slang a variant spelling of coit

    Word Origin for quoit C15: of unknown origin Word Origin and History for quoits n.

    late 14c., coytes “game played by throwing quoits;” see quoit.

    quoit n.

    late 14c., “curling stone,” of uncertain origin, perhaps from Old French coite “flat stone” (with which the game was originally played), literally “cushion,” variant of coilte (see quilt (n.)). Quoits were among the games prohibited by Edward III and Richard II to encourage archery. In reference to a heavy flat iron ring (and the tossing game played with it) it is recorded from mid-15c.

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