Rabbinite [rab-uh-nahyt] ExamplesWord Origin noun Judaism.

  1. a proponent of the Talmud and the teachings and traditions of the rabbis in the face of rejection by the Karaites.

Also Rab·bin·ist [rab-uh-nist] /ˈræb ə nɪst/. Compare Karaite. Origin of Rabbinite First recorded in 1825–35; rabbin + -ite1 Related formsrab·bin·it·ic [rab-uh-nit-ik] /ˌræb əˈnɪt ɪk/, rab·bin·is·tic, rab·bin·is·ti·cal, adjective Examples from the Web for rabbinite Historical Examples of rabbinite

  • Besides his Biblical works, Salman composed a poetical treatise against the Rabbinite theories.

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