Rachel [rey-chuh l] Examples noun

  1. Jacob’s favorite wife, the mother of Joseph and Benjamin. Gen. 29–35.
  2. a female given name: from a Hebrew word meaning “lamb.”

Examples from the Web for rachel Contemporary Examples of rachel

  • “I have to think her body type played a role,” said Rachel Greenblatt, a Lecturer in Jewish Studies at Harvard University.

    Why Was Bess Myerson the First and Last Jewish Miss America?

    Emily Shire

    January 7, 2015

  • Muse was looking to regain custody of her four children—Justin, Sarah, Patrick and Rachel.

    Beaten By His Church for Being Gay

    Justin Jones

    December 16, 2014

  • Rachel Maddow, too, apparently impresses in her upcoming season two guest turn.

    Inside the Political Fun House: How ‘Alpha House’ Became Amazon’s First Big Hit

    Kevin Fallon

    October 24, 2014

  • Someone I love a lot right now is Rachel McKibbens, who is doing wonderful work.

    Richard Blanco’s Gay Latino Poet Survival Kit

    William O’Connor

    October 8, 2014

  • And so it is with admiration and understanding that we are still violently furious over the pairing of Joey and Rachel.

    15 Times ‘Friends’ Was Really, Really Weird

    Kevin Fallon

    September 18, 2014

  • Historical Examples of rachel

  • May she draw a husband, while drawing her water, as Rachel did of old.

    A Rill from the Town Pump (From “Twice Told Tales”)

    Nathaniel Hawthorne

  • There was my half-sister Rachel, now, eight years younger’n me.

    The Bacillus of Beauty

    Harriet Stark

  • I do believe Rachel looks younger than I do, in some new dresses and hats she has.

    It Happened in Egypt

    C. N. Williamson

  • Anthony took Cleopatra, and most of the other unmarried men took Rachel Guest.

    It Happened in Egypt

    C. N. Williamson

  • I shall only look on, and then—Rachel and I have an amusing plan for the end of the evening.

    It Happened in Egypt

    C. N. Williamson

  • British Dictionary definitions for rachel Rachel noun

    1. (ˈreɪtʃəl) Old Testament the second and best-loved wife of Jacob; mother of Joseph and Benjamin (Genesis 29–35)
    2. (French raʃɛl) original name Elisa Félix . 1820–58, French tragic actress, famous for her roles in the plays of Racine and Corneille

    Word Origin and History for rachel Rachel

    fem. proper name, biblical daughter of Laban and wife of Jacob, from Late Latin, from Greek Rhakhel, from Hebrew Rahel, literally “ewe” (cf. Arabic rahil, Aramaic rahla, Akkadian lahru, a metathesized form).

    rachel in Culture Rachel

    The second wife of Jacob (see Jacob and Esau). She was sterile for many years, but eventually had two sons: Joseph (see Joseph and his brothers) and Benjamin.

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