rack rail

rack rail

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  1. (in an inclined-plane or mountain-climbing railway) a rail between the running rails having cogs or teeth with which cogwheels on the locomotive engage.

Origin of rack rail First recorded in 1830–40 Examples from the Web for rack rail Historical Examples of rack rail

  • It was also very apt to get off the rack-rail, and then it stood still.

    Lives of the Engineers

    Samuel Smiles

  • He obtained a patent, in 1811, for the application of a rack-rail.

    The Steam Engine Explained and Illustrated (Seventh Edition)

    Dionysius Lardner

  • The cog-wheel on this latter shaft worked in a rack-rail placed in the centre of the track.

    Illustrated Catalogue of Locomotives

    M. Baird, et. al..

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