raconteur [rak-uh n-tur; French ra-kawn-tœr] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for raconteur on Thesaurus.com noun, plural rac·on·teurs [rak-uh n-turz; French ra-kawn-tœr] /ˌræk ənˈtɜrz; French ra kɔ̃ˈtœr/.

  1. a person who is skilled in relating stories and anecdotes interestingly.

Origin of raconteur 1820–30; French, equivalent to racont(er) to tell (Old French r(e)- re- + aconter to tell, account) + -eur -eur Related Words for raconteur storyteller, narrator, anecdotist Examples from the Web for raconteur Contemporary Examples of raconteur

  • She describes him as a raconteur and voracious reader of history and current affairs.

    The Seven Foot Philanthropist

    Sandra McElwaine

    June 4, 2010

  • Like Beck, Jones is a raconteur with a penchant for dramatizing things to comic effect.

    Leave Van Jones Alone

    Reihan Salam

    September 8, 2009

  • He is a raconteur extraordinaire and an interview with the dogged reporter can rapidly turn into a delicious gabfest.

    Celebrity Hit Man

    Sandra McElwaine

    August 7, 2009

  • Our teacher is this generous renegade, a raconteur and wit also who succeeds in getting us to read Beowolf.

    My Teacher Who Brought Magic to Room 205

    Susan Jane Gilman

    July 20, 2009

  • He had an accent like ours; he was definitely a surrealist and a raconteur.

    Craig Ferguson’s 10 Favorite Comedy Moments

    Craig Ferguson, The Daily Beast Video

    May 20, 2009

  • Historical Examples of raconteur

  • The raconteur allowed an interval for the astonishing news to be absorbed.

    David Lannarck, Midget

    George S. Harney

  • His frankness was not the least of his charms as a raconteur.

    Young Blood

    E. W. Hornung

  • He was an amusing companion, however, and noted as a raconteur.

    The Strand Magazine, Volume VII, Issue 41, May, 1894


  • After all, the main end of a raconteur must be to give pleasure.

    His Majesty Baby and Some Common People

    Ian MacLaren

  • There is a print of Sir George Simpson behind one raconteur’s head.

    The Story of the Trapper

    A. C. Laut

  • British Dictionary definitions for raconteur raconteur noun

    1. a person skilled in telling stories

    Word Origin for raconteur C19: French, from raconter to tell Word Origin and History for raconteur n.

    “storyteller, person skilled in relating anecdotes,” 1828, from French raconteur, from raconter “to recount, tell, narrate,” from re- (see re-) + Old French aconter “to count, render account” (see account (v.); and cf. recount (v.1)). Related: Raconteuse (fem.).

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