raconteuse [rak-uh n-tœz, -tooz, -toos; French ra-kawn-tœz] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural rac·on·teus·es [rak-uh n-tœ-ziz, -too-, -too-siz; French ra-kawn-tœz] /ˌræk ənˈtœ zɪz, -ˈtu-, -ˈtu sɪz; French ra kɔ̃ˈtœz/.

  1. a woman who is skilled in relating stories and anecdotes interestingly.

Origin of raconteuse 1860–65; French, feminine of raconteur raconteur; see -euse Examples from the Web for raconteuse Historical Examples of raconteuse

  • Mrs. Oldham smiled, well pleased at the tribute to her powers as a raconteuse.

    The Silver Butterfly

    Mrs. Wilson Woodrow

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