Thom Yorke von der Band Radiohead

Radiohead: Creative solution for blackmail attempt

$ 150,000 or 18 hours of stolen music are published: Before this election was found, according to the British music band Radiohead, As their guitarist Jonny Greenwood announced on Twitter, the recordings from the time around Radiohead's breakthrough album "OK Computer" were from the minidisk archive of Singer last week Thom Yorke was stolen.

Instead of paying the extortionists the desired sum, or even negotiating with them, the musicians decided to take a very different step: on the platform Bandcamp, where bands and solo artists can sell their music without any major brokerage costs relevant recordings for the next 18 days for 18 pounds for download.

The proceeds are to benefit the climate protest group Extinction Rebellion, which in recent months in the UK for a lot of attention has taken care of. Extinction Rebellion was already very happy with the action and thanked the musicians around Greenwood on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Greenwood downplayed the quality and relevance of the recordings. They were never intended for publication, even if some clips would have made it to the re-release of "OK Computer". "It's only slightly interesting," continues Greenwood with a wink. "And very, very long, not something you load on your phone, but it's raining right now, is not it?"

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